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    My Jokes


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    My Jokes

    Post  Kittrell on Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:21 am

    There was this guy who would sit on a tree limb rubbing his nuts like Michale Jackson would do. Once he started to rub his nuts he would get good ideas on a joke to perform on public T.V. Once he stopped he would forget the ideas again. So the next day passed and hes standing on a stage with a huge audience and he walks up to the microphone with his hand in his pants. The audience just started laughing and he hasn't said a word yet on the microphone. So he thought he was doing pretty good 'so far'. He tells his best joke that will always make the audience laugh. So he rubs harder he starts to talk in the microphone and an 8 year old jumps on the stage and points at the lump in his pants and the audience start to laugh even harder. It begins half time so he gets a break and he says to him self, "I'm so damn good, I didn't even have to speak in the mic" He goes back on with a can of soda as a prop. He wants to put it down somewhere so he can start telling the jokes again so he puts it in his pocket up side down and it starts leaking and every one laughed so hard they started to cry. It looked like he pissed himself. He finally says something in the mic, "Why did the chicken cross the r-" Then the audience said "To get to the other side, we heard this a bunch of times, this guys sucks, lets go everyone" While they were leaving they picked up rocks and their food and threw it at the guy and said "booooo get off the stage, you suck balls" another guy said in a soft tone voice like he was far away "and he rubs them too" The audience started to laugh again and said "Your funnier that that guy" The guy on stage said "You get off the stage fag, your the stupid one to buy tickets to my show" One person pegs him in the head with a rock and knocked him out. Mind you he is a rich fine looking guy. He wakes up in ripped smelly dirty clothes on the street. In five minutes he lost his house his wife his kids his cloths and his dignity they left him with only a shirt. He had to rip that up into a sack and so hes on the side of the street now naked asking for some change

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